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Champagne Diamond

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Champagne Diamond

One type of diamond is the champagne diamond. It is a diamond of light brown color that is created based on a flaw of other diamonds. Champagne diamonds have too numerous mineral contaminants. Mineral contaminants form in champagne diamonds in a way that creates a hue of sparkling brown. This diamond flaw causes these stones to become prized and ranks them high in the fancier colors available in diamonds.

Champagne diamonds were at one time very common. These diamonds were less costly than clear ones and more readily available than other colors of diamonds. The main source of these champagne diamonds was the Argyle mine located in Australia. No other new deposits of the stone have been discovered. However, this mine is running short on supply of the champagne diamond. This has made the stone rarer and increased the demand at the same time. 

Types of Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds are known in the industry as brown diamonds. These gorgeous stones can be further divided into other opulent groups. Chocolate and cognac are examples of these groups. All of these diamonds vary in shades of the color brown. All diamonds that are brown can be grouped into the champagne category of diamonds. They must have excellent clarity and never appear dull or “muddy.”

Identifying Champagne Stones

All champagne diamonds have a color variation between light to dark. Some may be rather light while others may appear very deep and dark in color. These stones can own hints of pink and even green. Those with pink hues are known as the cinnamon diamond while those with green hints are called clove diamonds. An authentic champagne diamond can be any shade of brown. It will sparkle amazingly beneath the surrounding light. Champagne diamonds will never be opaque or absorb light. These diamonds will only reflect light. 

Many individuals are misled in believing that a diamond that is dull or not quite the right color is a champagne diamond. This is not true. Many diamond buyers can mistrust those offering brown stones for this reason. Champagne diamonds receive their grading in the mines much in the same way that clear diamonds do. These are graded based on their clarity and color. Those that are dull or too yellow may be receive a low grade and are never marketed to be champagne diamonds. 

What to Consider when Buying

For those considering the purchase of a champagne diamond, there are certain things to think about and know. First, there are certain types of these diamonds that are of more value than many of the others. An authentic champagne diamond has a color that appears as a light, yellowish shade of brown. These are by far the most valuable in the champagne diamond family of diamonds. If a champagne diamond has a pink hue it is known as a cinnamon champagne diamond. These are more costly than cognac or clove champagne diamonds. Buyers will need to know whether the color of the diamond has been induced or if it is natural. There are types of treatments that cause the pink color to be brought out in diamonds. This creates gorgeous stones; however, the resale value of the diamond is greatly affected when this has been done. 

When investing in champagne diamonds, it would be best to choose a reputable diamond expert that can be trusted. It should be someone that is certified in appraising diamonds. Many great deals on champagne diamonds may be found today. Checking the clarity, color and cut of the champagne diamond before purchase will more likely give you a better resale value in the future. 

Champagne Diamond Creations

Many diamond owners cherish the champagne diamond more than any other gemstone. Some say the diamond has a romantic characteristic that others do not possess. For years, champagne diamonds have been seen in many different creations. Jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and more have been made using one color or another from the brown diamond family.