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Quartz Earrings

Quartz is a beautiful and endearing stone, which makes it no small wonder that jewelers would choose to fashion earrings from it! You will find that that there are a number of different quartz gemstones to choose from, including:

  • Citrine. Citrine is a type of quartz that ranges in color from brown to pale yellow. It is typically almost transparent. Citrine is almost indistinguishable from topaz and forms in the presence of the element iron. The amount of iron in quartz will determine the color of the citrine. The term citrine is Roman for “yellow”. Most citrine hails from Brazil.
  • Amethyst. Amethyst forms when quartz is formed in the presence of aluminum. Amethyst is usually a deep purplish blue, although it can also be lighter. Amethyst can have green or red overtones. Interestingly, amethyst is piezoelectric. Strike amethyst and it will generate an electrical pulse.
  • Rose quartz. Lovely for earrings and other jewelry, rose quartz is formed when a quartz is formed in the presence of manganese or titanium.
  • Smokey quartz. When quartz forms in the presence of gases and liquids, smoky quartz is the result. It can be black, brown, or gray.