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Garnet Jewelry

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Garnet Jewelry

Beautiful garnets of red and other colors are often seen in many jewelry designs of today. There are endless selections of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and more that have been finely crafted and accented using garnet. Garnet is also the stone chosen many years ago as the birthstone for the month of January. It is also the stone give on the second and sixth wedding anniversary. Garnet’s gorgeous deep color has made it a favorite choice for those wishing to express their love to another. Many individuals complete their fine jewelry collection with pieces of beautiful garnet jewelry. Garnet jewelry is not just a special occasion look. It can be worn year round for casual or dress. However, some feel this is the perfect stone for the holiday season and those anticipated seasonal parties with friend, family and co-workers.

Creation of the Garnet

Garnet is defined in the Latin language as like a grain. This is descriptive of the way in which the crystals are embedded within the stone. Garnets originate in stones with a silicate base. These stones have many of the same chemical properties as well. Much like many minerals, garnet is created from forces in nature that wear the stones away. Natural forces such as the water, wind and shifts in the earth plates contribute to the formation of garnet. Stones are gradually worn until a polished garnet is revealed. It will then be harvested and sent for processing. 

Types of Garnets

Commonly, there are six different types of garnets. These six types can be split into two groups known as pyralspite and ugrandite. Those garnets in the pyralspite group have a second element, Aluminum. These include pyrope, almandine and spessartine. The group known as ugrandite has a first element called Calcium. These include uvarovite, andradite and grossular. One of the most well-known types is pyrope. This garnet has a color of deep red that the gemstone is so very popular for. Many of the pyralspite garnets have a color variation that is mostly red, orange and brown. Wider ranges of color can be seen in the ugrandite garnet group. Colors may range from green, pink, brown, yellow, black or even colorless. A difference in the chemical formulation gives each garnet a different degree of beauty. 

Garnet Deposit Locations

Naturally made garnets are located throughout the entire world. The largest garnet deposits can be found in North America, Asia, Australia and East Africa. In Asia, garnet deposits are typically located in Russia and India. The characteristics of a garnet will vary depending upon the region in which it came from. Most deposits of garnets are situated in the beds of rivers and high in the mountain regions of countries. 

Manmade Garnets

Some of the garnet gemstones used in manufacturing cheaper and lower-grade jewelry are synthetic. During the 1970s, a geologist named John Wiley who was studying through the University of Wisconsin created a method for making synthetic garnets. He named this Gadolinium Gallium Garnets. Synthetic garnets Synthetic garnet production is not a widespread practice. However, the technology used in making these garnets has been utilized in growing other types of minerals and other precious stones.