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Gemstone Jewelry: Additional Gemstone Styles

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Gemstone Jewelry

A Look at Gemstone Jewelry: Although diamonds are the most popular of all gemstones, other colored gemstones are very popular as well and create unique and expressive forms of jewelry. Brightly colored gems have their very own personality. Your own personality will determine your favorite gemstones. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other gorgeous gemstones were popular long before diamonds were even discovered. Most all gemstones are thought to have some sort of power such as healing, good fortune, protection and more. At one point in history, gemstones were as commonplace for illnesses as a cabinet full of medicines is today.

Among all the colored gemstones, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are the most popular. Any of these gems in large size are very rare. These stones must be gem quality in order to be considered rare. Many of the colored stones can be more valuable than diamonds. Today, there are methods in which a stone's appearance can be enhanced. This is a common practice for precious and semi-precious gemstones. This enhancing gives the stones more color. During the process, stones are heated and pressurized in order to give additional color.

Synthetic Gemstones

There are some stones available today that have been created in a lab. These are known as synthetic gemstones. This type of stone is “grown” in a lab using identical chemicals that are found in natural stones. Synthetic gemstones are much more affordable than precious, genuine gems. Most of the synthetic stones have very few inclusions or internal flaws like natural stones. The technique used in growing these synthetic stones is so professional that only a trained individual can determine whether a stone is synthetic or natural. Nearly any gemstone can be created in a lab including rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Lab created stones are very beautiful gems that are used in crafting all types of jewelry pieces.

Hardness of a Gem

Gemstones are described in many different ways. One element included in a gemstone description is the hardness. The Mohs Hardness Rating was developed by Friedrich Mohs. He was an Austrian mineralogist. This scale is used to form comparisons of the hardness of certain minerals. This scale rates a mineral such as talc as being soft. This softness is ranked a one on the scale. The hardest known mineral is diamond which rates a ten on the scale. A gemstone's hardness is the amount of scratch resistance that it has. Harder minerals will scratch softer minerals.

Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

Gemstones are either precious or semi-precious. There are three colored gems that are precious. Precious gemstones include sapphire, emerald and ruby. These are considered precious due to certain characteristics. Brilliant color and rarity are the main reasons for these stones to be considered as precious. Rare stones are commonly used regardless of any inclusions or blemish marks they may have.
All other gemstones are considered to be semi-precious. This type of stone receives its value based on the amount available. For example, a natural black opal is very rare which makes it very valuable. In general, precious stones are more valuable than semi-precious ones. There is also a wider variety of colors found in semi-precious stones. Precious stones have fewer color choices as they are the rarest variety of gemstones.
Selecting Gemstone Jewelry
With endless choices in gemstone jewelry, it may be a difficult task to choose the perfect piece of jewelry for your own collection. There are rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and more created with brilliantly colored gemstones. You may choose a ring with beautiful blue sapphire stones that has been accented by diamonds. A matching sapphire pendant would make a bold and stylish statement. Many bracelets are available created with many different gemstones. There are bracelets that are made of the same type of gemstone while others may have several different stones in the setting. Earrings made of gemstones are gorgeous as well. There are various styles and designs of earrings available. You may choose simple, stud earrings or select large chandelier style earrings. Some select gemstones based on their birth month. Each birth month is represented by its very own gemstone color. When selecting your gemstone jewelry, you should allow your own personal preferences to guide you. You want to choose pieces of gemstone jewelry that you will wear and not those pieces that simply get stored away. Any jewelry purchase can be an expensive one; you want your investment to be one that you can enjoy.