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Le Vian®

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Le Vian® Jewelry

When you hear the name Le Vian and fine jewelry in the same sentence, you can be assured that you are getting quality merchandise. Le Vian has been marketing their products in the United States for the past 65 years or so, but their roots in jewelry-making actually predate modern society by around 25 centuries. Yes, the Le Vian family traces their ancestry back to one of the original twelve Israeli tribes, the tribe of Levi, 2500 years ago.

Le Vian gemstones can range from decadent Chocolate Diamonds to their own exclusive Strawberry Gold, Raspberry Rhodolite Garnets, and more. In coming out with these unique gemstone options, Le Vian brought back an ancient faceting technique that was used in Europe for centuries. In this technique gemstones are cut at angles that trap light within the stone to give the stone an effect that is nothing less than hypnotic.

Le Vian introduced several proprietary cuts in recent years, including the Honey Comb cut, Roll-Top French cut, Extraterrestrial Step Cut, and Star Cut. You can find these cuts in your favorite Le Vian gemstones, whether you are looking for a ring, bracelet, pendant, or other jewelry item that has been crafted using Le Vian stones.