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Pendant Jewelry

For centuries, pendants have been used for adornment. Pendants can be made from virtually any material known to man and usually are placed around the neck on a chain. Many of the first pendants were formed in the shape of animals. Cats, elephants and other animals are frequent subjects used in creating pendants. Cross pendants are among the most popular of all pendants. These are worn by many individuals as a means of representing faith and beliefs. Crosses are available in different sizes and various shapes. Many different styles of crosses are adorned with gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or diamonds.

Choosing a Type of Metal

Many different types of metal are used in creating pendants. Pendants may be crafted of yellow or white gold or even sterling silver and other types of metal. Most individuals have a favorite type of metal that they prefer their jewelry constructed from. Regardless of the type of metal that a pendant is made from, you will want to choose a chain or necklace to suspend the pendant from in the same type of metal. This is much more tasteful and stylish.
Selecting a Style of Pendant
Selecting a style of pendant will usually depend on your own personal preferences. Among the popular pendants available is the diamond pendant. These are often solitaire pendants meaning they have only one brilliant stone. Solitaire pendants can also be created with gems such as ruby, sapphire, emerald and others. Some of different style types of pendants are briefly discussed in the following.
  • Star. Those pendants shaped like a star are often adorned with sparkling diamonds or other gems. These became rapidly popular during the 1980s. Other creative star pendants are smooth metal designs which add a great look to any chain or necklace.
  • Heart. Often given as a romantic sentiment, heart pendants are available in many different designs. Some are open heart designs while others are solid forms. Many heart shaped pendants are also lockets that can be used for placing photos of your loved ones.
  • Insect. Although a whimsical touch, insect pendants are very popular as well. These are often bugs, spiders, butterflies and other insect shapes. This style of pendant is used a great deal by younger individuals and very popular among teens.
  • Animal. To add personality to any necklace or chain, an animal pendant is ideal. Many of the more popular shapes of animal pendants include bears, frogs, cats, dogs, elephants, dolphins and others. Many times, the design will use gemstones for the eyes of these pendants giving an exceptional style.
  • Religious. Displaying one's beliefs is often done through the use of a religious pendant. There are many different types of religious pendants such as crosses, angels, Star of David, Bible, Celtic symbols and more. Choosing a symbolization of your faith is simple by selecting from one of the available religious pendants.
  • Key. Key pendants are very trendy today. This type of pendant can be considered very fashionable. Many are covered in precious stones such as diamonds. Others may be topped with a crown or feature more than one key on a ring.
  • Locket. Many individuals choose locket pendants for their chains and necklaces. Lockets are available in a wide variety of designs including those that open to reveal verses, prayers, engravings or those that simply hold photographs. Many lockets are large while others may be small and dainty.
  • Signs. Signs are often the focus of many pendant choices. Peace signs gained popularity in the 1960s. This type of pendant will easily accessorize any fashion and symbolizes your own personal taste.
  • Tropical. There are many different tropical shapes that often celebrate the months that are warm and full of sunshine. Palm trees, starfish, mermaids and other tropical objects are vary popular pendant choices.
Size is a very important characteristic to consider when choosing a pendant of any shape or style. You never want to choose a pendant that is too large or overwhelming. Be sure to choose a pendant that you really enjoy and plan to wear at the end of your favorite chain or necklace. If you choose a pendant you do not like, it will only be an expense you could have avoided. Many pendants are available complete with a chain. Be sure the chain is durable enough to give years of wear and that the chain is long enough for your neck size. Pendants are a great choice as gifts to those on your gift list.