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Many gorgeous rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more have been designed and created using quartz. Quartz is the earth’s most common mineral. It has the simplest chemical composition. This mineral is found in crustal rocks. The word Quartz is German meaning hard or tough. Quartz can found in most of the geologic settings on the planet Earth. It is mostly found to form sedimentary rock such as sandstone. Most of the sand on the plant is quartz grains.

Varieties of Quartz

Many rock shops and jewelry stores carry different varieties of quartz. Many of the bright colors and pretty crystals are somewhat scarce. There are lots of different varieties. Rock crystal is colorless quartz with a clear appearance. Milky quartz is translucent quartz with a white appearance. Rose quartz has a pink and milky look caused by certain impurities from the presence of iron, titanium and manganese. There may also be certain other minerals present in rose quartz. Amethyst is a purple quartz variety. This color is produced by holes in the crystal produced by missing electrons and certain impurities caused by iron. Citrine is yellow quartz created by iron as well. Iron impurities form green quartz known as prasiolite. Smoky quartz is gray quartz with impurities of aluminum that causes missing electron holes. Morion is a black smoky quartz. Cairngorm is a brown smoky quartz. 

Brief History and Other Information

One variety of this stone, smoky quartz is Scotland’s National Gem. It has long been considered sacred in Scotland dating as far back as the Druids. Quartz is the Scorpio birthstone. This gem is considered rare because of its brown color. 

Quartz has been used throughout history dating back to ancient times due to its ease of cutting and shaping. It was often shaped into ornaments and used for other applications. In China, the gem was used to create snuff bottles. Intaglio seals were carved from the gem by the Romans. Cylinder seals and ring seals were made by the Sumerians by cutting and engraving quartz. Egyptians used quartz to create beads and other forms of jewelry as well as scarab figures.

In Greece and Rome, many carvings were made from quartz. Many depicted the upper torso of a man’s body having one hand raised in the air. These pieces were often in place during judicial proceedings. To guard a person and his surroundings, quartz was often carved with the image of an armored figure with a bow and arrow in hand during the fourteenth century. 

For thousands of years, quartz crystal has been a big part of many different religious sects. Many of the religious figures often believed that quartz was water or ice that had been solidified by the gods. In some parts of the Pacific such as New Guinea and Australia, certain groups use the gemstone to bring rain to their area in religious ceremonies.