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Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz

A very popular member of the quartz family is rose quartz. This beautiful gemstone is so named because of its lovely color. The color of rose quartz may be a light pale pink, a deeper rose color or anywhere ranging in between. In its natural state, rose quartz is translucent or even opaque. 

Gemstones of rose quartz are polished and made into smooth shapes. Cabochons are trendy as well as hearts made of rose quartz. Rose quartz has long had a romantic appeal creating harmony and peacefulness in emotions. This stone is also popular in healing circles and widely used at spas and massage facilities. Many alternative healers choose rose quartz for various types of healing processes in their clients. 

Rose Quartz Jewelry Creations

In the jewelry industry, rose quartz is often seen in a wide variety of settings. Lots of different metals such as gold plate and vermeil are used to display the rose quartz. A great deal of rose quartz is placed into sterling silver settings. Beaded jewelry is created from chips of the gem that were once irregularly shaped chips. There are beautiful rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and more that have been created using rose quartz. Some of these are placed into collections with much of the same characteristics being present. Rose quartz is rather plentiful in supply making for very reasonable prices. 

Origin of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz and the star variety are often found in the USA located in South Dakota’s Black Hills. This is the official mineral of South Dakota. There are other sources of rose quartz located around the world. Some bountiful locations are Brazil, Germany, India and Switzerland. Madagascar is also home to rose quartz. In this region’s mines, ample sources of star rose quartz are yielded.