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Tanzanite Jewelry

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Tanzanite Jewelry

Gorgeous pieces of jewelry are being designed and created using tanzanite. This beautiful stone with its wide array of color effects is used to produce rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and more. Fine pieces of jewelry made of tanzanite are the ideal choices for completing or enhancing your beloved jewelry collection.

Tanzanite is a dazzling gemstone that exhibits many different colors. It may look violet, blue, bronze, purple or even at times gray. This characteristic of the gem is known as pleochroism. The color seen by the eye will depend on which direction it is being looked at. Tanzanite is a gem known as a trichroic. Very limited stones are classed in this category. However, this makes the stones that are trichroic simple to identify. Trichroic references the three colors of layers. Commonly, layers are blue and purple. There may be some flashes of yellow, green, orange and red. Most gemstone specialists refer to the deep royal shade of blue in tanzanite. Most gemstone cutters attempt to cut tanzanite in order to produce a blue stone. Larger stones of tanzanite give the most beautiful color of blue. Smaller ones are most likely to be a softer shade of blue or light violet to a lilac purple shade. 

A Rare Gemstone

Tanzanite is only found in the state of Tanzania in East Africa. This is the only location throughout the entire world. Many mines around the world are surveyed for the stone with only a few grains being located on rare occasions. Most mines cannot deliver an adequate supply to meet the growing demands in the industry. Supplies will likely continue to drop due to inadequate financing and production. 

Helpful Hints

When cleaning your tanzanite jewelry, you should never use a steam device or an ultrasonic machine. Tanzanite is never to be in contact with acids of any type. Commercial jewelry cleaner is recommended for tanzanite as well as soap and warm water. A soft brush may be used as well. Tanzanite should be rinsed and dried completely following cleansing. Tanzanite gemstones must be kept from any sudden changes in the surrounding temperature such as cold water or hot water. Physical labor may damage the stones as well especially those in rings. When sizing a ring with tanzanite stones, the stones need to be removed. Heat during the process of sizing may crack or even shatter the stone. 

Additional Info

Millions of years ago in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, huge deposits of tanzanite crystals were found. These deposits had been hidden from man until traveling sheep herders saw the sparkling beneath the sunshine. In the same location during the 1960s, a fortune hunter from Portugal was on a journey through Africa. He was searching for rubies and sapphires when he stumbled across massive blue rocks. He was overjoyed at the sight and thought these rocks were huge sapphire deposits. However, this stone was tanzanite. It was so called for its location of origin. When tanzanite came to the market in the United States, it exploded with popularity. It was once called the gem of the twentieth century because of it remarkable beauty. Today, the only tanzanite mine is located just a few short miles from where the very first tanzanite discovery had been made.